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Top 4 Tips for Nursing Job Hunters

Research and prepare your profile. Develop a contact network. Set your bar high and work to achieve it.Choose the best partner for your career advancement. Developed by industry experts, consists of innovative tools and practical guidance for career enhancement strategies.

Job Search Tip #1: Do your research and prepare your profile.

Before you apply (but especially before you interview), be sure to find out as much as you can about your prospective employer. Be sure to understand what sets the organization apart from others, and what strengths they are known for. When you submit for a position, make sure your resume is targeted to the employer and focused on their specific nursing industry strengths. For example, if the organization has an outstanding safety record, high employee retention rate, or are known for a specific medical specialty — you would want to acknowledge that and build that into your professional narrative as to why you want to work for them. Try to tailor your resume to each job you are applying for, which could mean having several renditions of your resume ready made.

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Job Search Tip #2: Develop a contact network.

Once you have targeted a career or specific position, you should seek out strategic relationships in that field or with an organization. These connections can offer you an insider’s view, and provide insights to open doors that might otherwise remain closed. Your network should also consist of colleagues, classmates, professors, and social media group members. Introductions, referrals and references can often result from these networks, but at the very least they will keep you engaged on any news, trends and happenings in and around the industry. This will also demonstrate to interviewers that you are current on issues and developments in nursing. 

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Job Search Tip #3:  Set your bar high and work to achieve it.

A good practice is to compile a list of target companies – a wish list of organizations where you want to work. Identify promising organizations in your career field or clinical specialty, and visit their web sites to review their announcements, career advancement programs, recruitment guidelines and job opportunities. Having this reference will keep you focused on your goals, and educated you on the hiring policies, candidate profiles and recruiting objectives of your ideal employer. Work towards getting them to look at you… and you’ll find that many others will do the same. 

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Job Search Tip #4:  Choose the best partner for your career advancement

Industry specific job boards are popular sources for job listings — but not all job sites are created equally. Top employers tend to trust the best media partners for their recruitment and staffing needs. To supplement the “want ad route”, employers often send vacancy listings directly to credible and respected media partners that have demonstrated reach and valued content. Partnering with a respected organization benefits both the employer as well as the candidates. 

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